Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thinking of you ~ Sunflower Card

The other day while I was watching The Bachelorette, I was thinking about my friend Courtney. Her favorite bachelor is JP and he was pretty cute on their date in New York and then again when they were on their own private island! I stayed at her house about a month ago and she told me a funny story about her car looking like so many others! So, I decided to make her a decal that she could stick on the back window of her car. For as long as I have known Courtney, she has loved sunflowers. I made her two car decals because I wasn't sure which one she would like better. I also made her a cute sunflower card to send them in. I hope she likes them!!!

Master's Program Goodie Bags

Well, here they are!!!! The final product! I think they turned out SUPER cute and everyone in class loved them. The professor, Dr. Stout thought they were so creative and loved the thought that I put so much time and effort into creating something so cool for the whole class based on his theories. I got some major brownie points today! Yaya 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Master's Program Goodie Bags

Scrabble Piece Magnets! I am in the process of completing my Master's in Education program at Chico State. This summer we had to take two classes. One was Inquiry to Education and the other was School and Community Relationships. My professor in the School and Community class has experienced it all (well at least it seems that way)! He has a funny way of explaining his theories to us, which make them hard to forget. So, for the last day of class I decided to make little goodie bags for everyone (luckily there are only 12 people). Inside the bags I put two magnets. One with an alligator and the other with a goose crossing sign. Both of these have significant meaning to everyone in the class and I am hoping they will take them to their administrative offices so they will always have a constant reminder. 
The process: Michael's sells these wooden alphabet squares, or you can always use an old scrabble games. Then I just went online and googled the images that I was looking for. I printed them out, glued them to the wooden square, then used "Modge Podge" to secure them into place. I also bought the magnets at Michaels and just glued them onto the back. 

 Also included in the goodie bag was a small notebook with the initials MBWA (because education is known for its use of acronyms). The MWBA stands for "Management By Walking Around." I thought this was a small enough notebook that people could carry around with them. But who wants to carry around an ugly old notebook, so I jazzed it up a bit with some cute scrapbooking! I used apple, star, and "I Love School" paper. I attached a ribbon to the left hand side of the notebook. Then using the "Makin' the Grade" Cricut cartridge cut out the initials.

Last, but not least I decided to make a thank you card for my professor. He definitely made the afternoons this summer go by quickly. The main reason I decided to make him a card was to show him how much I appreciated him helping me with my resume. I am applying for a new position in the school district and thought I could use his expertise to help update my resume!
Pictures of Goodie Bags are soon to come!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Year ~ Birthday Card

My grandpa's 85th birthday is on July 7th! I made this cute card to send to him. He and my grandma are going to my parent's house for a small birthday celebration. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make it because classes for my masters program begin Wednesday. Even though I will not be able to see him on his special day, I know he will enjoy the card and enjoy being with my mom and dad!
"Happy Year" ~ Birthday Card

Birthday Box 2 ~Set of 5

My friend Kathleen thought the first Birthday Box Set that I made was pretty cute and asked me to make her a couple. So, here is another set of 5 Birthday Cards and the box. 
"Birthday Memories" ~ Birthday Card
"Cake and Friends" ~ Birthday Card
"Count  Friends" ~ Birthday Card
"Happy Birthday" ~ Birthday Card
" Celebrate" ~ Birthday Card
"Blow Out the Candles" ~ Birthday Box (Holds the above 5 cards)
All 10 of the Birthday Cards I have made!
The 2 Birthday Boxes ~ Holds 10 cards total (5 in each box)