Bottle Cap Magnets:
I have been seeing this new trend everywhere lately! I decided I would try a couple to see how they were going to look. I tried the "N" the "Football" and the "Halloween (Moon with a bat)" ones first! I used actual beer bottle caps. Found a couple of cute stickers that I liked. I then used "Glossy Accents" to coat the top of the stickers. I let them sit for 24 hours and then attached a magnet to the back. The two with pictures I just tried this morning. I actually bought craft bottle caps on Amazon. Then I bought "Clear Epoxy Domes" from a craft store. This process was much easier and quicker, but costs a little more. I punched out the pictures of my sister, Ashli, and I (with a 1" punch). The clear epoxy domes just stick right on the pictures. Then I used a glue dot to attach the picture inside the bottle cap. To finish up the project, I used a glue dot to attach the magnet on the back of the bottle cap and placed it on the refrigerator. I think they turned out pretty cute and I might try to give some of these as gifts. 
"N" and picture bottle cap magents
I put all the magnets on the fridge, plus added some cute magnets that my mom bought me in Twain Harte!
Bottle Cap Magnets