Friday, August 5, 2011

New Blog!!!

Well, the school year is getting ready to begin. I have been out working in my classroom and going to math training. Next week professional development classes start and then the kiddos will here! The other day when I was out at school, my friend Megan mentioned that her sister started a teaching blog that she was trying to get a bunch of people to join. She would love for us to put pictures of crafts and projects done in or for our classrooms, but we can also add other projects as well. So, if you get a chance go check it out (just click on the second blog button on the right side of the page).


  1. I checked out the "Create Share Inspire" blog, and I really like it. I think it is a great place for teachers as well as all of us other people that just like to come up with new ideas. Always like to see creative ideas, and some times teachers need a little help too getting their ideas rolling. Glad you posted and invited me to check it out.